Mano con Ojo is the studio/business name of artist, Christina Cordova (that's me!). I'm a self-taught printmaker and leather worker located in Oakland, California.  Each of my pieces is designed, carved, and printed by hand in my home studio on the east side of Lake Merritt.

My hometown of Los Angeles provided me with artistic and cultural inspiration that still drives much of my art today. I try to use the medium of printmaking to reduce/eliminate the other-izing of chicanx culture in my work by portraying it outside of traditional tropes and narratives established by those seeking to other-ize it. Mastering traditional techniques of leather working, while making them accessible to a modern audience is also a mission of mine, particularly in the face of mass produced or disposable accessories. I believe in making beautiful things that are functional, beautiful things that prompt inquiry or reflection, and beautiful things for the sake of beautiful things. Travels to the southwestern United States and parts of Central and South America also inspire many of my patterns and subjects. I chase bright colors and striking silhouettes. Desert landscapes are my favorite kind.  A lot of my work attempts to capture the nostalgia I feel for places I've lived, visited, or would like to be.  

I have been relief printing with linoleum for about twelve years, and fall in love with the  medium again with each new piece. Block printing is a rare art form where each stage in the process relies on unique skills and produces a piece of art unto itself - I love that.  From designing the image, to carving the block, to pulling the first print, it's a journey I enjoy every time. 

For wholesale or inquiries about private events, custom orders, or licensing questions, please contact me directly using the form below.