Profoundly Unready

How this little website came to be:

I quit my job. Not for another job, or out of protest.  It wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t wonderful.  It was a place I went for a certain number of hours each day, and attempted certain tasks, with varying degrees of success, fulfillment, mistakes, and frustration.  But I got the sensation that the rest of my life was waiting for me while I was doing this job, and that in turn I was waiting to start that life while I was there.  I guess it’s more accurate to say I quit having a job (at least for the time being) in order to work on the project of... life.  Sort of like professional development for a career in the human experience.  I wanted to see how much I could learn/do/create/travel if I made that my primary focus instead - essentially calling my own bluff about what I could accomplish if I didn’t have the burden of a full-time job.  Not forever, but for as long as my modest savings and opportunity allows.

That’s the beginning.

I’ve been tinkering as a self-taught printmaker for several years, always dreaming of projects I would take on someday when I had more time.  When people would ask me if I sold my art, or if I had a website, I’d say: “Oh, well, I’m not ready yet. I need to finish this next piece and work on my style first, and blah blah, and some other excuse.”  I still feel a huge gap between where I’d like to be as an artist and my existing body of work.  Entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, writers, and many other creative types I know struggle with a tendency to hold back on sharing things we consider to be “incomplete.”  I can’t say I feel ready, but at least now I know that's not the prerequisite for doing the things I want to.  I have a feeling being profoundly unready will allow me to make the most of this experience.  It’s time to explore all the things I’ve felt were just out of reach, if only I had more time, focus, and cojones to do them.  So, here we go.

This website serves as place to share my experiences, travels, and the occasional I-find-this-interesting-maybe-you-do-too blog post, as well as a sometimes web store for my art when I’m not traveling.